Importance of Brand Purpose and How It Drives Revenue | The Marketing Tintin

Companies who navigate by a brand purpose lead with their values. Their aim is built onto the very DNA of the organization;

The topic for today is the importance of Brand Purpose.

Brand purpose provides a central point for the business and guides everything it does.

An example that really stood out for me and truly defines what brand purpose can bring to a company is Pampers-P&G, going back in time around ten years to 2010. The company took a careful analysis of their customers’ lives, specifically first-time mothers, because that’s when they decide about diapers. Also, being a mother or parent, the baby’s health and development are of utmost importance. And hence the question, how to make diapers relevant to baby development?

Most of these diapers are about dryness. How does dryness help baby development? It helps the baby sleep. So if the baby sleeps, it develops the mind and muscles. And P&G turned that into the foundation of their brand. The company changed its brand purpose from dryness to better sleep, leading to an increase in Pampers’ growth and sale in the US market. Pampers(P&G) became a 10 billion dollar brand and increased its market share entirely through organic growth by changing its brand purpose.

A powerful brand purpose sets out a company’s intent to change the world for the better and connects with consumers on a personal level. The brand- Pampers-completely revolutionized its sales and increased revenue by changing its brand purpose.

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